A Reading Variety Of Long-form Writing by Asian Us Americans

A Reading Variety Of Long-form Writing by Asian Us Americans

A few years back, reporter and journalism professor Erika Hayasaki traded a couple of e-mails beside me wondering why there weren’t more visible Asian US long-form article writers when you look at the news industry. After talking about some of our very own experiences, we determined that the main issue wasn’t just too little diversity in newsrooms, but deficiencies in editors whom care sufficient about representation to proactively just simply take some article writers of color under their wings.

“There has to be more editors out there who are able to work as mentors for Asian United states journalists and provide them the freedom to explore and flourish,” we published. Long-form journalism, we noted, is really an art that is honed in the long run and needs persistence and thoughtful editing from editors who care — perhaps not no more than just exactly exactly what tale will be written, but additionally who’s composing those tales.

We additionally listed the names of the few Asian US article writers who’ve been doing a bit of actually great work that is long-form. Aided by the Asian United states Journalists Association meeting presently underway in Atlanta, Georgia (if you’re around, come say hello!), I needed to talk about a number of the best long-form pieces authored by Asian US authors within the last couple of few years.

1. In a present that is perpetualErika Hayasaki, Wired, April 2016)

Susie McKinnon possesses seriously lacking autobiographical memory, this means she can’t keep in mind factual statements about her past—or envision what her future might look like.

McKinnon may be the very very first individual ever identified with a disorder called seriously lacking memory that is autobiographical. She understands a lot of information about her life, but she does not have the capacity to mentally relive some of it, the manner in which you or i would meander straight straight back inside our minds and evoke an afternoon that is particular. A Reading Variety Of Long-form Writing by Asian Us Americans 더보기