Classroom Resources. All About Me. Writing Prompt.

Classroom Resources. All About Me. Writing Prompt.

Personal Narrative:

Have students write a paragraph that tells about a right time they helped a buddy or family member.


Grades K–2: Art/Language Arts
Personal Outline

With the help of older students or adults, trace the students’ bodies on long lengths of paper. Then have the students decorate the shapes with the addition of facial details and clothing. Students may use markers that are colored, if available, real pieces of fabric. Have the students dictate or write stories about themselves to accompany their silhouettes. Students can also label areas of the body.

Grades K–1: Social Studies
On the market Where I Live

Students will relish identifying specific characteristics of the own neighborhoods and sharing the information with regards to classmates.

Grades K–2: Language Arts

Have each student come up with a “me” bag including favorite toys and other personal objects (sports item, trophy, doll, book, and thus forth) which have special importance. Then have a presentation that is“me by which students show and talk about the need for the things with classmates.

Grades K–2: Language Arts

Show students a variety of famous self-portraits. Then have students study themselves in a mirror and create their self-portraits that are own. Each student can dictate or write facts that are important his or her picture.

Grades K–2: Language Arts/Art
A tale of your Own

As students grow up they learn more about themselves in addition to people around them. Have them create their unique personal books. You might keep the books in a classroom library for students to read through.

Grades K–2: Science

Have a course discussion on individual physical differences, such as hair and eye color, height, and right- and left-handedness. Explain that though some people could have certain characteristics in common, everyone has a unique pair of fingerprints. Make fingerprints of some or all your students, using a stamp pad (the type that is washable and paper. Have the learning students examine the fingerprints closely to see how these are generally different. Provide magnifying glasses if at all possible.

Grades K–2: Social Studies
Role Drawings

Students will establish a far better appreciation of this roles they fill out their own families and community by showing some of the different aspects of their lives. Classroom Resources. All About Me. Writing Prompt. 더보기